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Part of the “Mission Statement” of the IAPM nonprofit 501 (c)(3) is to promote widespread Precision Medicine education for healthcare professionals so we are making a Membership site available to all practitioners as well as others who are interested in learning more about Precision Medicine (personalized medicine using functional medicine tests and genomics to get to the “root cause” of any health problem).

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1- Empowering Health Professionals With Precision Medicine (functional medicine and genomics) and the Omics Revolution

10 part webinar series (recorded in 2016)

As you probably know genomics will utterly transform medicine and be a unifying integrative factor, since herbal remedies, energetic treatments, supplements, drugs, psychospiritual interventions, diet, lifestyle, toxicities and immune challenges all change epigenetic expression.

Those found to have certain common, important and modifiable (with above interventions) single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) can benefit greatly from genomic analysis and treatment, which is the basis of this  IAPM course.

Also learn functional medicine from the genomics angle as we present real life cases and measure the success of our genomic interventions through functional medicine.

Let’s enhance our insight by witnessing the metabolome’s and microbiome’s astonishing connections to the genome, and vice versa.

The course partly follows the recently released text book “SNPBit Compendium I” which can be purchased on Amazon or here:
Use the code Masters for a 10% discount.

As with the undergraduate courses which used the textbook “Laboratory Evaluations in Integrative and Functional Medicine“, this advanced course will be embellished with extra reading material, clinical insights and studies, knowledge which is exploding on virtually a daily basis.

The course is similar to previous Academy trainings with discussion and case presentation, with each of the 6 topic areas listed below:

Course Outline

1) The Genomics of Phase I and Phase II detoxification, focusing especially on drug detoxification and regulation with supplements and herbs. Cytochrome P450 enzymes, glutathione, acetylation, taurine, sulfate, glycine and glucuronidation conjugation will be discussed in depth.

2) The Genomics of Methylation, focusing especially on mental disorders, cancer (cytosine methylation) and heart disease, as well as its phase II detoxification role.

3) The Genomics of Neurotransmitter and hormonal synthesis, receptor function and metabolism.

4) The Genomics of Mitochondrial DNA (mitochondria have a completely distinct set of chromosomes).

5) The Genomics of specialized genes unrelated to the above topics (e.g., FUT1, PON1 etc.).

6) Integrating genomic approaches to complex clinical cases.

NOTE:  Four of the webinars focus on Autism. Watch the video below to get an overview of the five case studies on Autism. Each case has different primary causalities for ASD despite having similar symptomatic presentations. 


You will never be the same after reviewing this webinar series and see how important it is to use functional medicine and genomics to solve health problems. The use of genomics is a “game changer” and you need to start now to be a leader in the field.


2- The Roadmap to Wellness requires Understanding Methylation

(3 webinars)
methylation process


“How the Perfect Storm of Methylation Defects, Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Predisposes You to Chronic Medical & Psychiatric Disorders”

Three webinars by Dr Charles Gant introduce specific technologies to overcome methylation defects, decrease glutathione demands through lessening inflammation and oxidative stress from toxins (e.g., mercury) and chronic infections (e.g., Lyme and candida), and the use of precursor loading and mindfulness-based psychotherapeutic techniques to activate prefrontal cortex activity to further diminish fight/flight, degenerative, sympathetic dysautonomia. (Current regular price $97)



3- Depression – Probably Not What You Think It Is

(3 webinars)

depressed woman

Dr. Charles Gant, MD, PhD, provides ground-breaking information on depression. With the tragic death of Robin Williams and subsequent revelation of his struggles with depression, the public has been exposed to renewed conversation about the challenges of those who are living with this debilitating (and potentially deadly) condition. Depression is generally recognized as a collage of symptoms which include feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, loss of interest in daily activities, appetite or weight changes, sleep problems, anger and irritability, loss of energy and fatigue, self-loathing, and reckless behavior.

Actually, the symptoms we label as Depression are the natural response of the body and brain to biochemical imbalances which have been well defined, easily tested and insurance re-imbursable causes. Those causes are metabolic, immune, infectious, toxic, nutritional, and genetic. Depression will be examined as the natural outcome of imbalances, which are reversible.

This information is “cutting edge” and should be seen by all health care professionals. (Current regular price $97)



4– Grand Unified Theory of Mind / Brain Function

(2 hour webinar)

Grand Unified Theory of Mind / Brain Function


Statement from Dr Gant:

After nearly 4 decades of practicing complementary/alternative, integrative and holistic medicine and psychiatry, and carefully assessing (and “curing”) many thousands of patients with in-depth, functional medicine testing and genomics (gene testing), I am happy to present the culmination of my life’s work – The Grand Unified Theory of Mind/Brain Function.

The philosophical approach to my work and research has always been science based, and I have tended to downplay proposed panaceas for the world’s ills as poppycock. After all, the human being is composed of roughly 200 trillion cells, each having 50 million chemical reactions per second. We have 6 feet of DNA per cell, which if unraveled and stretched out and connected end-to-end, calculates to 10s of billions of miles of DNA per person. When malfunctioning, how could anything so marvelous and complex be reduced to simplistic notions of one cure fits all. Panaceas are extraordinary claims and they must be supported by extraordinary evidence to be taken seriously.

For the first time in my life, I may have found the panacea. I say “may have” since it has only taken one ugly fact to destroy the most beautiful theories ever proposed. But so far, The Grand Unified Theory of Mind/Brain Function appears to subsume all approaches to healing within one model. And all attempts to discover fatal flaws in this model have so far failed. But I invite your skeptical critique and feedback. If anything appears to be out of alignment with my extraordinary claim, which by the way comes with extraordinary supportive scientific evidence, please contact me.

For now, may you enjoy a feast upon these truths. (20 concepts)


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