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The “Mission Statement” of the IAPM nonprofit 501 (c)(3) is to promote widespread Precision Medicine education for healthcare professionals and the general public, and to ensure the availability of Precision Medicine to all individuals to substantially alleviate chronic psychiatric and medical disorders worldwide. This Membership site has been made available to all those who are interested in learning more about Precision Medicine.


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1- Addiction: Emerging Research and Tools to Challenge the Cycle

Dr. Gant has been working with people struggling with drug addictions at the International Precision Medicine Associates, using the latest tools to break the hopeless cycle. He finds that when a comprehensive approach is employed, including neuronutritional, comprehensive detoxification and genetic interventions, outcome studies suggest sustained recovery rates of more than 80%.

In this session, Dr. Gant will present the latest research and answer your questions about addictions and their treatment.


2- Comprehensive Cancer Care

In this program, you will hear from Dr. Charles Gant, one of the nation’s leading experts on comprehensive cancer care and about those who have experienced successful treatments through an integrative medical approach – with both “conventional” and “non-conventional” approaches. This Live Presentation was held at National Integrated Health Associates in Washington, DC, and was sponsored by Natural Awakenings Magazine.


3- Training the Brain for Mindfulness & Compassion

Our brains have tremendous capacity, if properly “trained,” to change our world with compassion and playfulness. Learn about ways that the dormant mind can be awakened in this webinar.


4- Overcoming Pain

Dr. Gant discusses recent discoveries in neuroscience that have revolutionized the management of pain. Although it often starts in the body, all pain involves the brain. In fact there is an 80 percent overlap in the areas of the brain involved in physical and emotional pain.

The great thing about the brain is that it is changeable and the sources of pain can be overcome, armed with the right information.


5- Dealing with Depression

Dr. Charles Gant, provides ground-breaking information on dealing with depression at this webinar. With the tragic death of Robin Williams and subsequent revelation of his struggles with depression, the public has been exposed to renewed conversation about the challenges of those who are living with this debilitating (and potentially deadly) condition.

Did you know that:
Depression has biochemical causes which are reversible.

Symptoms labeled as depression are natural responses of the body to biochemical imbalances. These symptoms are attempts of the body to heal itself.

Researchers are finding that a significant proportion of chronic psychiatric problems like depression and schizophrenia are caused by chronic Lyme, candida and other co-infections.


6- Ritalin and ADHD

For millions of parents, ‘back to school’ means giving children stimulant drugs such as Ritalin for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD). Faced with the choice of poor academic performance without drug treatment versus the risks of side effects, brain injury and addiction from drugs that work identically to cocaine and speed, parents can find themselves between a “rock and a hard place.”

With functional medicine testing, we often find that children diagnosed with AD/HD, and probably adults too, have underlying issues and may suffer from various metabolic abnormalities (such as thyroid disorders), chronic infections (like Lyme), and genetic vulnerabilities (such as methylation defects), that conspire in different patterns from individual to individual to cause AD/HD symptoms.

The hope is to inform parents that an effective, safe and inexpensive option exists to stimulants such as Ritalin. Armed with this knowledge, parents should be encouraged to seek alternative treatment to the easiest course of action. Taking the time to get your child diagnostically tested to find his or her unique risk factors and being steadfast in administering nutritional supplements (coaxing may be needed), will make a tremendous difference in the ability of the child to remain attentive, interested and find success at both home and school. (includes a research study by Dr Gant)


7- Beating Lyme & Co-infections

Treatment of Lyme disease and associated co-infections like Babesia (a malaria-like parasite) and Bartonella (e.g., cat-scratch fever) can be very challenging for patients and clinicians. These microorganisms are extremely adaptable in finding ways to work around our defenses. They can damage the same immune system which fights them, cause the immune system to inappropriately generate too much inflammation or turn off the defenses completely, and both extremes can weaken the body.

Lyme masquerades into many forms (spiral, cystic, granular) to evade detection and attack by the immune system, and is “sneaky,” and grows very slowly to stay under the immune system’s radar. its cadres can wiggle their way into the body’s nooks and crannies and generate protective slimes (biofilms) to hide. No wonder these chronic infections have become endemic in DC and surrounding regions and many parts of the US and the world – they are vicious, crafty germs.

This presentation discussed some of approaches to the treatment of Lyme and co-infections from various integrative medicine points of view.


8- Are Hormones Safe For Me?

HRT is often used to treat hot flashes, osteoporosis, mood disorders (e.g., depression) and other conditions. Oral Contraceptives (OC, aka “birth control pills”) are also commonly used. Studies generally suggest that both HRT and OC pose a risk of increased breast cancer and/or other estrogen-receptive cancers (uterine and ovarian), although outcome data in studies is still controversial. Given that a significant risk is likely, can the benefits of HRT and OC be realized without the risks of cancer? Is there any advantage to bio-identical HRT, the use of hormones that are identical to those produced in the body, as opposed to artificial hormones which are chemicals that are not naturally produced in the body?


9- Transforming Fatigue and Depression

Fatigue (AKA Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Depression (AKA a Mood Disorder) are both common diagnoses described as collections of various symptoms. Have you ever felt mentally or physically tired, or irritable, or low & moody? Most adults have occasionally experienced some of these symptoms or have observed them in others, but what if these symptoms become a chronic part of everyday life? What is causing this and how do we reverse it to experience a life filled with natural vitality, strength and mental/emotional balance?


10- Three Primary Health Strategies for Treating Melanoma Cancer

Melanoma is a common cancer and relative to most cancers it disproportionately develops in younger individuals. In conventional medicine, few options exist for treatment. Conventional oncological treatments generally focus on the treatment of the cancer and tend to ignore the biochemical individuality of the cancer patient. A case will be made to promote integrative treatments using a protocol outlined in the webinar presentation. Presentation by Dr Gant at the 2015 Integrative Health Conference in San Diego. (approx. 30 minutes)