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Lead Poisoning Treatment


To all concerned about Lead Poisoning from Flint, Michigan Water.

Many reports about the effects of Flint’s Toxic Water have stated that Lead Poisoning and its effects are irreversible. I want to assure you and your loved ones that Lead Poisoning and the disabilities it causes ARE Treatable AND Reversible. There IS hope.

I am an MD who routinely assists patients and clinicians in understanding how to detoxify lead and other heavy metals from the body. I have seen great successes in my patients, including children and adults, and I want to assure that you have some information that enables you and your loved ones to heal from this tragedy.

I created a free Video Series (and document) for the residents of Flint and other cities called “You CAN Heal from Lead Poisoning”, which you can view below. These videos will begin to inform you about what you can do, and why you may not be hearing about these options.

Please share this life changing information with everyone.


Charles Gant, MD, PhD

Director of Education and Training
International Academy of Precision Medicine


1- DOWNLOAD: 4 PHASE PLAN >>> Symptoms Caused by Lead Poisoning Are Reversible

2- If you are pregnant or plan to be, you need to Download this Research Report>>> Multigenerational Methylation due to lead


You CAN Heal From Lead Poisoning

PART 1 – Lead Poisoning Disorders Are Common (3:34)

Lead poisoning and toxic metal poisoning in general is a causal factor in a wide range of psychiatric and medical problems. Toxic metals cause brain damage and have been making people sick for a long time, and in this video Dr Charles Gant will ask and answer important questions.


PART 2 – Why Lead Poisoning Is Usually Not Treated (6:11)

Due to very poor research previously completed about treating lead poisoning successfully, health care providers believed that very little if anything could be done.  But lead poisoning is reversible by following the protocol by Dr Charles Gant.

PART 3 – Why Lead Poisoning Should Be Treated (5:49)

It is clearly understood that lead poisoning lowers the IQ in children and can be the cause of ADHD and other childhood spectrum disorders.

If our healthcare system has accepted the findings of flawed research that all lead-lowering treatments don’t work, then it is understandable why most doctors have concluded that even the measurement of lead levels is a relatively worthless diagnostic test.

Why measure it if you are wasting your time trying to do anything about it?

The belief that chelation of lead and toxic metals and other therapies and protocols is ineffective as an effective treatment to reverse the symptoms caused by toxic metals, starkly contradicts the clinical observations by Dr Charles Gant in over 30 years of practicing medicine.


PART 4 – Reversing the Effects of Lead Poisoning (7:40)

Dr Charles Gant outlines a 4 Phase protocol that works in reversing the effects of lead poisoning.


PART 5 – Personalizing A Genetic Based Recovery Plan (4:27)

If you have followed the instructions in the previous segment (#4) and your lead levels don’t lower, then you probably have some quirky genes causing the problem.

There are 3 kinds of glutathione SNPs or “single nucleotide polymorphisms” that could be preventing you from removing lead in a normal way and in this last segment Dr Charles Gant offers some recommendations about what you can do.



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