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Precision Medicine Video

The Precision Medicine and Omics Revolution


Learn about the Precision Medicine and Omics Revolution which will be transforming healthcare in the U.S. and worldwide and will be one of the greatest positive forces for change in the history of humanity.

Dr Chas Gant, MD, PhD, gives an overview of the revolutionary new kind of medical practice which relies heavily on the astonishing advances in laboratory diagnostic testing to identify the root causes of medical and psychiatric symptoms and disorders.

Omics is a term which addresses the collective characterization and quantification of pools of biological molecules that translate into the structure, function, and dynamics of an organism or organisms. For instance, gen-omics characterizes genetic quirks called SNPs, an abbreviation for single nucleotide polymorphisms, which drive a transcription or transcript-omics mechanism which synthesizes proteins or prote-omics. Proteins and enzymes then interact with the metabolism or metabol-ome, which also has a relationship with the microbi-ome in the intestines. Finally, the envir-ome, the molecules in the food, water, air which we encounter, including photons of electromagnetic radiation from sunlight and wifi’s, is in an intimate molecular dance with all of the “omes” above.

Taken altogether, the all encompassing “ome” is called the panome. And despite sounding like a fuzzy, holistic description of life, the omics revolution actually provides clinicians with hi-tech, diagnostic tools to precisely quantify and identify precise relationships of very specific features of the panome of individuals who suffer from chronic medical and psychiatric disorders. Precision medicine is the practical application of the omics high-power technology to achieve positive outcomes which were never thought to be possible only a few decades ago.

Functional Medicine is the “Rosetta Stone” of Genomics

All professionals in the health care or medical field should be aware of the concepts in this video presentation by Charles Gant, MD, PhD. For further information about incorporating Precision Medicine (personalized medicine) which incorporates Functional Medicine and Genomics into your practice, please contact Dr Gant at this site: International Precision Medicine Associates.